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Sebastian Martinez is a 23-year-old Colombian-American dancer from Stamford, Connecticut. Sebastian began his dance training in 2010 at The Ballet School of Stamford under the direction of his teacher and mentor Josue Jasmine. Three years later, he began dancing at Connecticut Dance Center where he began training under the instruction of Tamara Saari. During this time, Sebastian had the privilege of working with choreographers such as Giada Matteini, Gierre Godley, Michael Crawford, and Daniel Fetecua. After graduating as a senior company member of Connecticut Dance Center’s Contemporary Dance Company in 2018 Sebastian attended New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts to continue his training. At Tisch, Sebastian performed works by Daniel Padierna, Shamel Pitts, and Rena Butler in addition to his development as a choreographer. After receiving his BFA in dance in 2021, Sebastian moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin where he spent two years as a company artist with Nova Linea Contemporary Dance under the direction of Jared Baker. While living in Milwaukee, Sebastian taught and choreographed at various dance studios in the area allowing him to find his passion for teaching and mentoring young dancers. Sebastian hopes to continue spreading awareness of the importance of diversity in the dance industry and creating a space for young dancers to feel appreciated and valued in any space.

Sebastian Martinez photographed by Andrea Cavaliere.

Photo by Andrea Cavaliere

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